We, as one of the earliest participants in the provision of online marketing services in Singapore, have been helping businesses build web presence and reach out to potential customers via online platforms since June 2005.

Our Group provides search engine marketing services, creative and technology services and social media marketing services to clients from various business sectors, including professional services, general services as well as automotive and industrial, to name but a few.

Over the years, our coverage expanded to include Malaysia and we have established ourselves as a multi-award winning group serving over 900 active clients during the Track Record Period mainly in the professional services, general services as well as automotive and industrial sectors.

Being an early participant in the online marketing industry in Singapore, we are one of the first authorised resellers in Singapore for Google, which awarded us the ‘‘Excellence Performance Award’’ as early as 2006 and more recently, the ‘‘Mobile Innovation Award’’ in 2018, to name but a few. During our close to 14 years of operations, we have sought to broaden and adapt our suite of services to match advertisers’ evolving needs stemming from the rising penetration of the Internet and the increasing prevalence of smartphone devices and have progressed from setting up clients’ initial web presence primarily targeted for desktop browsing to a one-stop online marketing service industry leader in Singapore assisting our clients on their multi-channel marketing strategies covering media such as search engine listings and social media marketing, etc.

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04 October 2021

Monthly Return of Equity Issuer on Movements in Securities for the month ended 30 September 2021

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30 September 2021

Announcement of annual results for the year ended 30 June 2021

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17 September 2021

Date of Board Meeting

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